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How soon can I expect an engineer to visit and solve the problem?

Depends on:
1: Phone and email solutions are immediate.

2: Physical on-site visit is within 24 hours, but also depends on location and as soon as LPO (or other commitment) is made.

Hotlines for help

Call our office numbers: +234 705 916 4748, +234 803 470 5951

Departmental e-mail:,,,

Do you carry out technical/operator’s training?

Yes, we do.

Are your offices open weekends and public holidays?

No. However, engineers are available to offer immediate remote support (phone, email, etc). Physical on-site visits are possible, based on prior arrangements.

Are contract customers given preference?






What is a digital weighing scale?

A digital weighing scale is a device that uses a transducer, or load cell, to generate a signal proportional to the applied load which is then digitised and shown on an LCD or LED numerical display.

What is the difference between digital scale and mechanical scale?

A digital scale display shows electronic readable numbers and has very few, if any moving parts. A mechanical scale is a system of levers or beams and/or springs and is readable with a circular indicator or steelyard balance

How do we clean the scale/ weigh bridge?

For cleaning desktop scales refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, a damp cloth with a proprietary cleaning agent will probably suffice. Cleaning of weighbridge pits and industrial weighing platforms may require partly dismantling the equipment to gain access and should form part of the machine’s general maintenance program.


What is the tolerance error of a scale?

The tolerance is the operating tolerance that the manufacturer specifies, or the tolerance acceptable to the user as deemed fit for their processes. Trade approved machines are subject to government legislation and Trading Standards/Weights and Measures Authority’s prescribed tolerances

What is the minimum weight a scale can display?

The minimum weight of a scale can be the division size of the scale, or for trade approval it can be specified as the minimum number of displayed increments (‘d’) to be fit for trade purposes. Under current legislation, this is 20 divisions (d=20) so on a 60kg X 0.02kg scale, d=(0.02 X 20divs) = 0.4kg

Hotlines for help

Call our office numbers: +234 705 916 4748, +234 803 470 5951
Departmental e-mail:





Are your products under warranty?

Yes. We have a one-year warranty on all our products.

Does your company give service support after sales?


How do I locate/contact a salesperson in my area?

Call our office numbers: +234 705 916 4748, +234 803 470 5951
Departmental e-mail:

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