AGT-S2 Washdown Checkweigher

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AGT-S2 Washdown Checkweigher

(Waterproof Scale)

The AGT-S2 is a washdown checkweigher for the rapid indication of weight and over, under and accept tolerances in a washdown environment. 

Totally portable the AGT-S2 has an internal rechargeable battery which gives approximately 20 hours of usage between charges, or can be operated from main power supply.

Simple to operate, the keyboard has four buttons: on/zero, off, tare and function key to access the checkweigher functions, count mode, unit switching (metric-g/kg and imperial - ounces), and enhanced resolution.

The scale has an auto-off feature, which can be disabled, to switch off the scale after 10 mins of inactivity. It has a switchable audible buzzer that sounds in the check-weighing accept range. A battery charge indicator is built into the display giving an instant check on the battery status and displays battery low when charging is required.



1.5kg, 3kg, 6kg, 7.5kg, 15kg and  30kg


1 part in 6000

Display Type:

1 part in 6000



1.5kg, 3kg, 6kg, 7.5kg, 15kg and  30kg



Washable and Corrosion Free


Additional information
Battery Type

Internal rechargeable battery

Battery Duration

Approximately 20 hours of usage between charges

Power output

2.4 hp

Platform Type

223mm x 186mm stainless steel platform


149 lbs



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