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Remote Displays

This LED remote displays allows clear, comfortable viewing of scale information at considerable distances, indoors and outdoors. They provide outstanding value with a long list of standard features and are engineered for many years of reliable performance.


The XR Series offers a choice of four large numeric displays with 2 inch, 4.5 inch or 6.5 inch digits and two alphanumeric displays with 3.5 inch or 4 inch digits. Also available with integrated red/green traffic light.

Highly efficient in any lighting condition

These remote displays feature highly efficient LEDs which automatically adjust in brightness to be visible in any lighting condition.

Reduced installation time

Installation time is reduced by plug and play functionality while pre-installed utility programs and a wireless option simplify use further.

Auto-Learn Technology

Connect the remote to virtually any instrument and it will automatically detect the data string, reducing set-up time.


XR 2000: 326.4 mm x 152.4 mm x 57.2 mm

(12.88” W x 6” H x 2.25” D)

XR 4500: 609.6 mm x 254 mm x 127 mm

(24” W x 10” H x 5” D)

XR 4500TL / XR 6500: 812.8 mm x 304.8 mm x 127 mm

(32” W x 12” H x 5” D)









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